Advertise With Us

Flawfixers stands as a prominent technology media platform, always poised to collaborate with new advertisers and enterprises, with the goal of introducing your products and services to our attentive audience.

We predominantly offer two advertising avenues:

  1. Sponsored Posts: We can facilitate the publication of your press releases, video content, advertorials, or any other type of sponsored post.
  2. Banner Advertising: We also have the capability to position your banners strategically across different sections of our blog.

Our pricing remains adaptable, and we are fully prepared to promote your products and services to our audience, offering you substantial benefits for a modest investment.

To explore advertising opportunities, kindly send an email to Typically, we endeavor to respond within 48 hours.

Sponsored Post: For sponsored posts, it is imperative that the content aligns with the topics we cover, and only content of superior quality will be considered for review. Additionally, our adept creative writers can assist you in generating content that may incur additional charges.

  • Article crafted and submitted by you with no external link – $30 (N17,000)
  • Article crafted and submitted by us with no external link – $60 (N35,000)
  • Article crafted and submitted by you with an external link – $50 (N30,000)
  • Article crafted and submitted by us with an external link – $80 (N46,000)
  • Inclusion of a link within an existing article – $20 (N12,000)

Furthermore, we extend the courtesy of promoting sponsored posts on our social media platforms at no extra cost.

Banner Sizes: Each banner placement remains active for a duration of one month and is meticulously positioned across our blog for maximum visibility.

  • Large Rectangle (336×280) – $100 (N55,000)
  • Square Banner (250×250) – $150 (N87,000)
  • Leaderboard (728×90) – $200 (N110,000)
  • Billboard (970×250) – $300 (174,000)
  • Mobile Banner (320×100) – $50 (N30,000)
  • Wide Skyscraper (160×600) – $230 (N130,000)
  • Site Background Takeover (1200×600) – $500 (250,000)

Our strategic banner placements serve the dual purpose of delivering value to our readers and increasing awareness of your products and services. Each banner size corresponds to specific placements on our blog, as detailed below:

  • Site background – Site background takeover.
  • Preceding posts – Leaderboard.
  • Middle and bottom of posts – Billboard banner or Square banner.
  • Homepage before and after posts – Leaderboard or Billboard.
  • Homepage sidebar – Large rectangle or Wide skyscraper.
  • Exclusive mobile ads – Mobile banner.
  • All categories – Leaderboard or Billboard.

It’s important to note that each banner retains its designated placement and will not exceed this allocation. Multiple banner placements are available for purchase. Furthermore, only one brand can occupy a specific placement for site background, preceding posts, and homepage before and after posts.